Central hub for the MIT International Conference on Information Quality

MIT ICIQ 2017: October 6 - 7 in Little Rock, Arkansas (U.S.)

The 22 annual MIT International Conference on Information Quality (ICIQ) provides a forum for both researchers and practitioners to exchange IQ knowledge and ideas. Practitioners and researchers present findings and experience related to topics such as IQ concepts, tools, measures, models and management; case studies; best practices, cost/benefit analysis, IQ and data warehousing, IQ and e-business, policies and standards. In addition to the official program, there is plenty of opportunity for informal discussion.

UALR Information Quality Graduate Program

MIT ICIQ is the collaboration of several organizations. The Information Quality (IQ) Graduate Program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is designed to prepare students to pursue a variety of IQ careers such as IQ Manager, Analyst, Consultant, and/or System Developer or to pursue doctoral-level graduate studies in preparation for IQ research and instructional roles. More information.

Dr. Peter Aiken, Data Blueprint - MIT Information Quality 2013 Video by SiliconANGLE


The MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality (CDOIQ) symposium equips professionals with the understanding and means to significantly improve their organization’s information and to use that information as a core strategic tool. More information.

Dr. Richard Wang, MIT - MIT Information Quality 2013 Video by SiliconANGLE

Black Oak Analytics

MIT ICIQ is sponsored in part by Black Oak Analytics, a next-generation data solutions provider that enable our clients to create actionable, comprehensive views of data through our Entity Resolution, Data Driven Marketing, and Data Analytics and Modeling solutions. Each member of our unique team of SMEs, industry leaders, and leading academic researchers has a record of accomplishment and success in his or her own right.

We are proud to be a sponsor of MIT ICIQ.GLOBAL and ICIQ 2017.

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